About scientology sekte

About scientology sekte

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L. Ron Hubbard lijkt een voorstander van deze handelwijze: het veelvuldig aanspannen van rechtszaken. Zo schreef hij ooit:

Banyak jurnalis dan peneliti mencoba memahami apa itu Scientology. Umpan balik dari mantan pengikut, pendapat para pakar di berbagai bidang, termasuk yurisprudensi, studi agama dan bidang lainnya, memengaruhi jenis kegiatan yang dirujuk oleh Scientology di berbagai negara.

Ik ben bewust vanuit mijn eigen gevoel niets schuldig aan scientology. Onbewust ben ik me niet bewust van dus dat is moeilijk daar wat more than te zeggen. Ik heb veel van hun theorie gelezen en vond daar heel nuttige en bruikbare dingen tussen zitten. Web zoals ik hun organisatie erg nuttig vindt. Ik vond overigens ook sommige theorie minder nuttig of niet bruikbaar. Ik heb enige ervaring met de organisatie maar kwam daar al vrij snel achter dat dat niet iets voor mij is.

Discussieren is zeker een intelligente tijdsbesteding..behalve…als de feiten al zo duidelijk op tafel liggen dat er niet meer around gediscussieerd in excess of hoeft te worden. uhmmm…, ik vond je commentaar erg zinnig en very best waardevol.

Following conveying these beliefs, the character symbolizing the Church of Scientology's president in the long run reveals to Stan which the Business is In fact a money-making fraud.[479]

Modern yrs have seen numerous court choices in Scientology's favour, despite the incredibly prevalent damaging Mind-set to Scientology among politicians and most of the people.[15] In 2010, a Munich courtroom ruled that a kindergarten Instructor who had been terminated due to the fact she was a Scientologist, ought to have her placement reinstated. In 2019, the Munich Labor courtroom sided Along with the director of staff of Haus der Kunst, a well-recognized artistic museum. He were faraway from his placement following Functioning for 22 yrs since it was uncovered that he was a Scientologist.

In any event, Scientology is perhaps most diverse from other UFO groups in their attempt to keep all the House opera things beneath wraps. They seriously would have preferred the remainder of us to not find out about Xenu and also the galactic federation. Alas, these tricks are not easy to continue to keep

Within the federal amount, Scientology dropped a grievance from continued surveillance with the großartiger Beitrag zum Lesen BfV in November 2004. The federal hier courtroom based its opinion on its judgment that the aims of Scientology, Hier mehr erfahren as outlined by L. Ron Hubbard in his writings, have been incompatible with the German constitution.[fifty eight][sixty four] Attorneys performing to the Federal Place of work with the Defense in the Structure pointed out that Hubbard had penned that civil rights, for instance, must be limited to Scientologists, plus they asserted that the Scientology Business was using systematic steps to infiltrate Culture and govt institutions so as to prevent anti-Scientology legislation.

@Douwe…lolll…ik heb geen aflaten te koop maar kan wel gratis wat bloedzuigers voor je regelen :P

Deze vraag aan jou heeft puur betrekking op geloof, religie of sektes. Niet op het beoefenen van wetenschap want dan ligt het antwoord voo rmij nogal voor de hand.

In January 1995, Church of Scientology law firm Helena Kobrin attempted to shut down the newsgroup alt.faith.scientology by sending a Command concept instructing Usenet servers to delete the group.[325] In follow, this rmgroup information experienced minor result, considering the fact that most Usenet servers are configured to disregard these types of messages when sent to groups that acquire sizeable targeted traffic, and newgroup messages had been speedily issued to recreate the group on These servers that didn't accomplish that.

Scientology isn't regarded for a religion in Canada.[384] In britain, the Charity Commission for England and Wales dominated in 1999 that Scientology was not a religion and refused to sign up the Firm as being a charity, Despite the fact that a year later on, it absolutely was identified as a not-for-revenue entire body inside a independent continuing by the united kingdom Income and Customs and exempted from British isles price additional tax.[384][385] In December 2013, the United Kingdom's greatest court officially acknowledged Scientology as being a faith.

Karin Spaink, een Nederlands publiciste en de internetprovider XS4ALL (en nog enige andere providers), raakten in 1995 verwikkeld in een rechtszaak die was aangespannen door aanhangers van de scientology.

Quite a few courts have declined to evaluate the religious status of Scientology, finding the dilemma was irrelevant to determining the situation at hand.[3] The Federal Administrative Court docket by way of example dominated in 1997 that the problem whether or not Scientology was a faith was irrelevant, and that its authorized position needs to be judged by its enterprise pursuits.

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